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R&D of new medicines creates more opportunities for better health for all Canadians. #innovateforlife

Let's aim higher. We can't afford to lose a strong ecosystem for new medicines in Canada.

Our lives and economy depend on it.

The federal government's proposed reform for new medicines could unintentionally leave Canada with second-class healthcare in an era of unprecedented medical advances.

We are concerned about the lack of meaningful consultation with Canadians about this reform. There are no case studies to demonstrate the impact of the proposed reform on Canada's leadership position in healthcare and innovation.

Standards could be set by comparing Canada to countries that make less than half of all new medicines available to patients. For Canadians, this will slow and limit access to new, life-saving medicines and vaccines.

Let's build our unique, made-in-Canada policy approach for new medicines. We can achieve the high standard of quality and sustainable healthcare that Canadians expect.

Why do we need our own innovative solution?

We need to develop our own path forward because Canada’s situation is unique:

Our Healthcare System. Canada’s health and pharmacare programs serve the needs of most Canadians. However, the quality of care and access – especially for those with special needs and those who do not have access to a pharmacare plan – needs to be addressed.

Our Biopharmaceutical Industry. The industry contributes to a strong Canadian economy by employing 13,000 Canadians directly, supporting over 30,000 jobs in total and driving over $19 billion in annual economic activity. With respect to other economic sectors, Life Sciences ranks 3rd in terms of combined total R&D spending in Canada, behind only the Aerospace and Software and Computer Services sectors.

Our Research Ecosystem. It took over thirty years to build Canada’s health research ecosystem. It is strong and growing, but can only continue to do so with a supportive policy environment that encourages growth and investment.

What does a made-in-Canada approach look like?

Canadians can work together to develop a made-in-Canada approach for new medicines based on four common goals:


Accessible medicines for all Canadians: A health system that ensures all Canadians get the medicines and vaccines they need no matter their financial situation.


Affordable medicines: Make medicines and vaccines affordable for governments and private insurance companies to support a sustainable and high-quality health system.


Appropriate use of medicines: Promote appropriate use of medicines to ensure better health outcomes and a high-performing and efficient health system.


Investment and innovation: A globally competitive Canadian biopharma research and innovation ecosystem that includes universities, research centres and companies focused on outcomes that matter to patients, the health system and the economy.

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